Use localtunnelling to share a web service on your local development machine without messing with DNS and firewall settings

作者: wilsoncai 分类: linux,ruby/rails 发布时间: 2018-01-20 16:15

Localtunnel will assign you a unique publicly accessible url that will proxy all requests to your locally running webserver. it’s really helpful when we doing some testing like third-party login like QQ login, weibo login etc, as they need an call back server to send back response.

1. Install Node JS

brew install node

2. Install Localtunnel

npm install -g localtunnel

3. Start Localtunnel Client, run following command in shell

lt –port 3000

will get mapping address

caseysdeMacBook-Air:~ casey$ lt –port 3000
your url is:


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